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The Secret Teachings of All Ages

MPH catalog STAA.jpg

Manly P. Hall's Introduction to the Subscriber's Edition of the "Big Book"
(from a public appearance in San Francisco, 1928):


"The book is like unto a door, a gate, in some old sanctuary, containing within it a wealth of imagery; a wealth of mysteries, designs and figures. 

When you have wandered therein you might say to yourself: 'I wish I had a guide to tell me what these things mean'. 


And you will find your guide to be your own rational soul."


Three Books in One


STAA 06 Hermes Typhon optsm.jpg

There are 56 four-color process plates - one at the beginning of each chapter. These are rich with symbolism and painted by J. A. Knapp, artist.


Orphic Egg STAA Trans.png

There are over 250 symbolic engravings or inline images with captions, each describing a mystery in themselves. Most are from older sources.


STAA XIII Introduction OPT.jpg

There are over 200 full pages of text that make up this encyclopedia of symbolic philosophy. A comprehensive index with 500 entries appears at the back. 

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