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Secret Teachings Color Plates 01: Group of World Religions


At the left of the plate stands the Celestial Bull—signifying the constellation of Taurus--opens the "Egg of the Year" with his horns. At the lower right is a bas-relief of the Persian Sun God, Mithras, in an attitude signifying the conquest of the sun over the Celestial Bull at the ancient vernal equinox. In the center stands the High Priest of Israel, his right arm encircling the base of the seven-branched candlestick—the Mosaic symbol of the Planetary Governors of the world. To his right is the statue of the golden calf and to his left the robed figures of the Greek mystics bearing a tripod in which burns the sacrificial fire. Behind the bull Apis, crowned with the lunar globe, and Father Nile, bearing the horn of plenty and pouring the waters of life from his urn, loom the Pyramids—the great Egyptian temples of initiation. In the clouds at the left is the seated figure of Jupiter Ammon, brandishing a flaming thunderbolt and horned to signify that he partakes of the attributes of the zodiacal ram. In the heavens appears the mystery of the Apocalypse. The four creatures of Ezekiel’s Vision surround an altar upon which is the Book of Seven Seals and the Lamb of God. At the upper left is the band of the zodiac. The constellations of Taurus, Aries, and Pisces represent the stellar influences which—according to the ancients—descending upon the earth, are responsible for the establishment of the religious and philosophical institutions herein set forth.

Copyrighted by Manly P. Hall. Redrawn by J. A. Knapp from Lenoir's La Franche.-Maconnerie.

*Editor's Note: Out of respect to Islamic tradition, this Image has been altered by the Manly Hall Society by removing the image of Mohammed and deleting the related text in the caption. Please refer to the original.

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