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Great Sayings of the Sophists

This list of quotes is taken from a pamphlet "Beginnings of Greek Philosophy", part of a monthly letters to students from 1934:

1-Be in childhood modest, in youth temperate, in manhood just, in old age prudent-then die untroubled.

2-Follow God.

3-Obey the law.

4-Worship the gods.

5-Suffer for justice.

6-Respect hospitality.

7-Govern anger.

8-Exercise prudence.

9-Love Friendship.

10-Honor providence.

11-Emulate wisdom.

12-Praise virtue.

13-Do that which is just.

14-Practice generosity.

15-Be a lover of Wisdom.

16-What you know, do.

17-Converse with the wise.

18-Reverence the good.

19-Curb thy tongue.

20-Use wealth wisely.

21-Be grateful.

22-Wait for opportunity.

23-Expect age.

24-Boast not of strength.

25-Be never weary of learning.

26-Blame not the absent.

27-Teach those who are younger.

28-Put no faith in wealth.

29-Trust not fortune.

30-Keep secrets.

31-Honor yourself.

32-Return what is not your own.

33-Abstain from bloodshed.

34-Desire nothing unreasonable.

35-Trust no man-distrust no man.

36--Blame only those who are present.

37-Search into evil, but be not corrupted.

38-Be gentle to all.

39-Honor the ancestors.

40-Deride not the dead.

41-Criticize not the unhappy.

42-Be not troubled.

43-Be as generous to yourself as to your friend.

44-Apply thyself to discipline.

45-Pursue that which is noble.

46-Descend not from generals to particulars.

47-Be economical of time.

48-Instruct your children.

49-If you have, withhold nothing.

50-Fear most deceit.

51-Speak well of every man.

52-Judge honestly.

53-Approve hope.

54-Acknowledge superiority.

55-Rejoice in greatness.

56-Avoid dissension.

57-Be fearless in undertaking.

58-Admire the oracles.

59-Love those you serve.

60-Promise nothing.

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Tank L
Tank L
Jan 08, 2022

Promise nothing... Wow this is awesome, these are great quotes to consider and to meditate on.

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