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About Manly P. Hall

Manly P. Hall was the preeminent philosopher of the 20th century who lectured for 70 years (1920 to 1990) to make ancient wisdom and obscure esoteric knowledge available for all truth seekers.


He is perhaps best known for his magnum opus, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, an elaborately illustrated, large encyclopedia of Western mystery traditions, secret societies and symbolic philosophy.


He gave 7,000 public talks on the subject of philosophy, religion and science, with the goal of helping each individual to learn, grow and build for themselves a practical and meaningful philosophy of life.

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About Us

The Manly Hall Society

We are a group of dedicated scholars and wisdom seekers who find Manly Hall's words to be vitally important for our current place in history. His timeless wisdom, we believe, can help the individual and society to grow and improve our situation and relationship with life.

Our Mission

This website will be a comprehensive resource and archive of all things Manly Hall. WE hope to build community and bring his huge catalog of lectures, articles and books to anyone who will find them useful for developing a personal philosophy of life. Our store has many downloads of audio lectures, books and transcripts for sale to share and enjoy.

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